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The lesser, Tom, is the Chef of La French Cuisine. Trained in La Villa Madie, 2* restaurant in Cassis, in the Brindos castle, 5* hotel in Anglet and also in la villa Gallici, 5* hotel in Aix-en-Provence, Tom nurtures the taste of the beautiful French cuisine. This early worker has so many ideas to mix flavours and textures for delightful sophisticated original creations. Passionate about water sports as well as cooking, he takes the source of his inspiration into the sea and maintains a well-meaning report with his suppliers, putting the human and the product at the centre of a relationship of trust. Committed to his region and its wealth, Tom places the south into his plates.


The middle child, Florian, is in charge of logistics and service, he is the conductor of your events. Florian was trained for service business and catering has always been an integral part of his life. Curious and dynamic, his passion for surfing brought him in all corners of the world where he found his liking for discovery and flavours from elsewhere. Lover of the Basque Country not only because of the surf spots but also for its culinary tradition, he grows a natural appetence for a regional cooking with character, generous and coloured. Florian is at ease both in the kitchen and in the restaurant room. His versatility is his best advantage.


The older brother, Jon, manages the administrative section of La French Cuisine. He is a Manager and entrepreneur since he was born; he kept from his experiences in events and company development, an important network and an innate sense of management. Former head of important catering houses, he connects his taste for cooking with his commercial expertise. Raised with his two brothers at their grand-parents table, little hands in the family restaurant since his early childhood, Jon has got gastronomy in his blood.  Dynamic and caring about your needs, he is your privileged interlocutor.