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The French Savoir Faire

Driven only by a passion for food and luxury service, these three brothers now present a private chef experience like no other. France is the home of fine dining, There are more Michellin star restaurants than any other country as per 2019 rankings, and also every other year before… The language of food is for the French, second only to the language of love. The Negre brothers were born in Provence in the South of France. They understood from an early age how fresh local produce mixes perfectly with the never-ending love affair between the world’s elite and famous at St Tropez coastline that stretches beyond Cannes. God blessed the South of France with natural resources, romance and a backdrop of heavenly coastline. La French Cuisine has been a secret for the last 12 months ; working with only selected luxury brands and private clients, it now is preparing to open the kitchen to international food lovers. “Cooking is a passion that can be shared with the tip of the fork. By bringing you gastronomy on a platter, La French Cuisine allows not only to enjoy a Chef cooking without having to move, but also to create a convivial atmosphere by blending flavours and colours, for the extension of emotion, up to your taste buds.” La French Cuisine, chef privé.
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“Being brothers is an obvious strength, it is our secret ingredient!”

Behind the scenes at La French Cuisine, there are 3 BROTHERS, all from catering professions and passionate about gastronomy since childhood. Partners and complementary, their brotherhood is a strength that can be added to their individual abilities. Fed with good things from the cradle, raised in the love of good food, they are tapping into their roots, the values of a generous and homemade family cooking, a cuisine from the heart, which makes its dishes available for friends. Taught by their grandparents, gastronomy is a legacy which makes La French Cuisine, a real family business!

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« Il y a le ciel, le soleil et la mer. » (Lyrics from a French song by François Deguelt.)

“There is the sky, the sun and the sea.”

Behind the scenes of La French Cuisine, it smells good Olive oil, preserved tomatoes, “Panisses” and “Anchoïade”. Here, cooking borrows the sweetest flavours from the south to create greedy and sunny bites. Our seasonal cuisine, created by Tom Nègre who is a Chef from grand cuisine’s houses, combines finesse and freshness in a gastronomic score with meticulous presentations. Uncompromised quality, our products are selected from producers attached to their land and inspired by a deep love for real taste. We favour short channels and local supply.  

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